How to use our system

  • You have to be a  medical service provider or patient in order to use our system.
  • Our providers are carefully vetted, they are all authorized to practice in the UK, are registered with the local professional bodies and are fully insured.
  • With your agreement, they may share the notes or the consultation details with your GP.
  • Our patients are located in the UK, please do not use our service if you are abroad. At the beginning of the consultation, the physician will confirm your location. If you are not in the UK, they may be compelled to end the consultation. As a patient, you will still be liable for the payment.
  • As a patient, you will pay your consultation upfront, when the booking is being made. Please check our terms and conditions for refund or cancellation information.
  • We have recorded several demonstration sessions to allow you to understand how to create an account, make an appointment, join one, pay and ultimately reschedule a follow up with the same professional.
  • You should talk to your regular GP about any information you get from us.
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