Our Story

Getting an appointment with a GP or specialist in the UK has never been more difficult, with millions of people waiting weeks before they can be seen. Even after this initial consultation, the problems continue. The route to seeing a specialist is long, with waiting times running into months. GPs have only a few minutes to assess each patient and decide if they need a referral, and if so, which specialist they should see.

Unfortunately, they are not infallible, and we have seen many instances in which mistakes are made, and the patient is forced to start the process again having wasted up to nine or ten months waiting to see the wrong doctor. When patients are forced to wait until their symptoms are severe before even making it to the waiting list, these delays can have devastating effects.

We think this needs to change. That is why we started Doctoria, a global service giving patients in the UK from all backgrounds fast access to specialist doctors, so that they can diagnose and treat their conditions without delay.

Our Mission

Our vision for the future is to create a truly global hospital where patients can access the best advice and care in a timely fashion.


We are committed to working with regulatory bodies all over the world to facilitate access to care for our patients.

Patient feedback

Our patient’s experience is of the utmost importance to us. As such, we welcome feedback from service users on every step in their care journey with Doctoria.

Diversity and Inclusion

Language and cultural barriers can be a huge roadblock in accessing care. We hope to mitigate these challenges by offering access to doctors from a diverse range of backgrounds, so patients can feel comfortable and confident that they will be understood.

Have any questions

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to help us develop our service, or have a partnership idea, we will be happy to receive your messages. 

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